Southern California Telemedicine Learning Center
UCSD SOM and CETC CTEC UCSD School of Medicine

Southern California Telemedicine Learning Center

Photos from Trainings
  • We serve the telemedicine and ehealth learning needs of rural and medically underserved regions.

  • We provide educational programs to patient sites and train practitioners about telehealth and health care delivery innovations.

  • We provide a dynamic learning environment where practitioners, administrators, managers, and telemedicine coordinators develop the skills and knowledge needed to enhance the quality of tele-health care in their communities.

  • The Center was developed by UCSD in partnership with the California Telemedicine & eHealth Center (CTEC)

  • The Learning Center brings together world class educational resources: The UCSD School of Medicine, UCSD Healthcare, CTEC, the VA San Diego Healthcare System, and Calit2.

  • Press release on creation of the Center:

What is Telemedicine?

  • Telemedicine electronically transports medical care into the most remote areas. Persons who live hours from medical care can directly access high quality medical expertise without leaving their communities.

  • The concept of telemedicine seems simple enough — the practice of medicine over distance via telecommunications ... however, the implementation and practical use can be complex.

  • Telemedicine is an invaluable resource to help address a variety of health care needs. Telecommunications and information technology have the power to overcome many disparities in healthcare — we tap into their potential and find creative and practical solutions.

  • Today, telemedicine connects physicians many miles away through high quality visual and interactive state-of-the-art technology.